COVID-19 may be over, but threats to our personal health persist. The CDC's basic guidance states, "a disease threat anywhere is a disease threat everywhere." Their recent investigations show a number of significant outbreaks, for example; in North America there's; C. Difficile, Salmonella, and Listeria, while for international travelers the threats include; Measles, Marburg and Lassa.

As well, data from the new Leapfrog Hospital Safety Grade show double-digit increases in hospital acquired infections (HAIs) including Staphylococcus aureus. Moreover, "the rates were at a five-year high in the thick of the COVID crisis – and remain elevated."

To address these continued threats, Mammoth is expanding its footprint beyond pathogen control and eradication.

Mammoth is growing its consulting arm, which recognizes that successful entrepreneurs must always be selling something to someone…or fail.

From initial funding, to strategic relationships, key hires, MVP, beta testing, etc., these imperatives are much more than financial milestones. To succeed against real world demands requires first-hand knowledge, or access to specialized expertise, that few entrepreneurs personally possess.

Our broad innovative technology roots include;

  • the precursor of the LED billboard,
  • protecting creator rights in Hollywood,
  • engineering the AT&T/Lucent/Sun Microsystems' Java™ joint venture
  • generating $25 million in first year revenue for Sympatico™ (80,000X ROI),
  • delivering Pentagon briefings,
  • tracking online predators,
  • creating the Health Ecosphere,
  • leading a US$250 million AV funding initiative,
  • spearheading a national procurement strategy,
  • ensuring a client landed a slot in the premier US West Coast pathogen center.