About Us

Our Mission

To globally deploy Health IT innovations for better patient outcomes at a reduced cost to deliver those outcomes.

Our Vision

To primarily exploit Canadian-led Health IT innovations that address a global aging population faced with reduced available funding.

The Difference

Mammoth uses a fresh approach to accelerate healthcare innovation through a unique marketing channel and funding that drives best-in-class outcomes.

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It’s Personal

Mammoth is funded by people who are truly committed to making the world a better place.

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It’s Sustainable

In FY 2017, just 2 US Federal departments, Health & Human Services (HHS) and Veterans Affairs (VA) purchased over $888M in Health IT solutions from small companies, then added another $200M in Q1/2018

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It’s about making a difference

For the first time in US history, effective August 1, 2016, a comprehensive plan was put in place to open up direct access to the government as a customer for Health IT. Mammoth is uniquely positioned to maximize this opportunity.

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A high value exit strategy for the innovator

The Mammoth model ensures that when health Innovators and Large Global Partners achieve commercial success, we ALL win!